Thursday, June 9, 2011

HiFi Jewelry

Love your music and fashion with a little passion? So does Jacky Sylvie, vinyl vixen extraordinaire! Marching to the beat of her own drummer, Jacky wanted a way to make the music go on forever and find a way to make nice with Mother Earth. Her dedication to a better environment and her creative obsessions led to clever experimentation and the Hi Fi Jewelry brand was born.

Since 2007, Jacky has been creating wearable art from recycled materials with a fun, funky, rock-n-roll edge. The foundation of her line is reclaimed vinyl records. From the first cut and shaping to the final gentle sanding, Jacky employs an exclusive process. Albums are revamped into one-of-a-kind jewelry and while some are sprinkled with metal and vintage chains others get new life from charms findings. No matter the design, each funkdified version has its very own appeal, making them not only unique, but earth-friendly. Indulge guiltlessly with Hi Fi Jewelry!

Q&A with Jacky
Where is your favorite place on Earth? 
Floating down the river in an inner tube in New Bruanfels, Texas

What is your favorite word? 
"Word", I love how you can start and end a sentence with it and use it for emphasis or to agree

What is your favorite color ink to write in? 
Orange, it makes even writing a check for a bill festive

If you could bring back anyone from the dead, who would that be? 
Chris Farley, just so we could hang out and he could make me laugh

Strobe lights or disco ball? 
Strobe lights so I can do the Robot and it makes even the worst dancer look awesome!

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  1. LOVE that necklace! And I gotta agree - strobe light forever and always. It gives you instant music video moves. <3