Saturday, May 28, 2011

Take a Drag or Two

*Photograph by Heather Key

Creative Media Manager, Photographer, Artist, and Fashion Enthusiast Fred Holston, is one of the most inspirational people I have met in my life. I am so honored to have his electric enthusiasm and creative mind involved in SHE WAS AN AMERICAN GIRL. For the store, Fred has hand created deconstructed knit shirts and dresses. But his talents go far beyond apparel. Fred was recently interviewed by, he has created a series of photographs for Pamela Love's FW 2011 presentation while in New York for fashion week and continues to enspire his readers though his blog Take a Drag or Two.

*Deconstructed Knit dress by Take a Drag or Two. Preserved insect jewelry by Tetanu
Photography:Mindy Byrd, Styling:Andrew Bayer Hair/MU:Ashley Robinson Model: Remy Ryan

*What keeps you motivated?
Psych rock, Patti Smith, goat cheese, and puppies.

*How would you like to spend your last day on earth?
I'd spend it with some good friends and a bottle of whiskey.

*Polyester….chic or not chic?
Typically I'd say no, but I'll make an exception for Nudie Suits.

*Out of jail free card. What crime would you commit?

Shopping like a diseased person.

*What is your favorite color ink to write in?


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  1. I just discovered your blog - and am delighted!! Will have to pop into your gallery - where is it? Address bitte! I was sitting here at home in Berlin Mitte writing an article to meet a deadline for a French publication I write for when I realized my husbands aunt from Texas emails saying "You must check this out!"

    Delighted to discover you.