Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tetanus Jewelry

Benjamin Hubert creates sometimes creepy, always beautiful, accessories made from bugs, bones, teeth, fire, stones, found objects, antique and oxidized metals. His one of a kind pieces are inspired by both the dark and the light.

He works from his home studio in Dallas, Tx with his partner, Ariella Villa.

Tetanus Jewelry is carried at Dolly Python (Dallas, Texas), Shampoo Salon (Ft. Worth, Texas), on-line at www.Tetanusjewelry.com and of course at She Was an American Girl in Berlin!

Vagabond Bison Tooth Charm
Scorpio Rising Necklace
Inverted Pendant necklace
Scorpion Cameo necklace
*All images have been sourced from the companies website. www.tetanusjewerly.com

Quick Fire Q&A with the designer:
* What keeps you motivated?
* What would be your second career choice?
Cab Driver
* Would you rather make out with Elvis or Jimmy Hendrix?
* If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?
Miniature Bull Terrier
* Where is your favorite place on Earth?

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